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Tyranny, Like Hell, Is Not Easily Conquered (redirected from And War Came, 1776)

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Tyranny, Like Hell, Is Not Easily Conquered

A group of  summer soldiers and sunshine patriots overthrew a

tyrannical monarchy despite the crown's overwhelming military and financial advantages.

The American Revolution - Scouting Report





The American Revolution - Scouting Report



























1.Political Conflict:  A struggle between tyrannical control of England & the liberty-loving Americans who saw an opportunity to carry out the beliefs of the Enlightenment thinkers

2.  Practical: the impossibility of England’s maintaining colonies 3,000 miles away as part of its empire as well as the internal political conflicts in British government

3. Economic Conflict: between the growing American free enterprise system & the English mercantile system


4. Religious Conflict – between the variety of religions that settled in the colonies & the Church of England, the dominant religion of English officials & aristocrats

5. Social Conflict:  The development of a new class structure in the colonies due to the ending of heredity, birthright status, & primogeniture, & the availability of land & the expansion of the the right to vote as social “level-ers”









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