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1865 to 1900 Overview

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The Economics of Industrialization

The development of manufacturing on a large scale. This includes steel, oil, mining, and railroads.   Also impacted by Industrialization were social networks and consumer goods 



The Ingredients of Industrialization 


Natural Resources


Human Resources


Transportation networks


Captains of Industry or Robber Barons


Invention and Innovation in the Industrial Age


New Ways of doing business - Corporations 


The Impact of Industrialization on American Society 

The independent spirit of the average Industrial worker DIES


Labor's Response to rapid Industrialization - Unionization 
"Sweat of the laborer lubricated the vast new industrial machine. Yet the wage workers did not share proportionately with their employers in the benefits of the age of big business." 


The U.S. Government's response to rapid Industrialization

The U.S. employs a system of laissez-faire capitalism.  The government felt that the free market economic system would operate best with little or no interference by government. 




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