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Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Movement


"Protect and preserve the remaining forests upon public lands from Devastation and Destruction
which has been the fate of those in forest sections of the country."




Newlands Act of 1902, which authorized the federal government to collect money from the sale of public lands in western states and then use these funds for the development of irrigation projects.



Pelican Island Federal Bird Reservation, 1903


Antiquities Act of 1906: Authorized the president to declare historic landmarks and structures as official National Monuments

Preserves such wonders such as Devil's Tower (1906), El Morro (1906), Montezuma Castle (1906)






In 1900 Roosevelt, attempting to preserve the nation's shrinking forests, set aside 125 million acres of land in federal reserves.


Under President Roosevelt, professional foresters and engineers developed a policy of "multiple-use resource management."  They sought to combine recreation, sustained-yield logging, watershed protection, and summer stock grazing on the same expanse of federal land.  Many westerners soon realized how to work with federal conservation programs and not resist the federal management of natural resources.










Albert Bierstadt, School: Hudson River School  Lake Lucerne, 1858




George Bellows, Cliff Dwellers, Ashcan School, 1913 






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