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Progressive Era Alternative Assignments

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Progressive Era Alternative Assignments
DUE:  Monday March 6th 


The following assignments are designed to build on the content we explored in class  this week


7.5 Creating a Culture of Reform during the Progressive Era  [1870-1920] 

America’s transformation into a diverse, urban, affluent was accompanied by extraordinary public-spiritedness as reformers--frightened by class conflict and the breakdown of gender relations  embarked on a crusade to remake other Americans in their own image. 


Task #1 Read Chapter #28 pages 656- 661 - Generate notes or questions [Page #1]


Task #2 Listen to The Heat Wave Of 1896 And The Rise Of Roosevelt and generate notes (20 mins)  [Page #1]


Omit Reading - Politics and Pollution in Ballston Spa  [Omits will be due last week of March]



7.6 Muckrakers: Exposing Scandal and Inspiring Reform

The birth of investigative journalism in America has its roots in the turn of the century, news reporting and monthly magazines collaborations to creating a new kind of serialized exposés of corporate, labor, and political corruption.


Task #3 Read Chapter #28 pages 658-659 - Generate notes or questions [Page #2]


Task #4 Listen to The Impact of the  Jungle and generate notes (5 mins)  [Page #2]


Omit Reading - The Jungle and the Progressive Era [Pages #3-7] [Omits will be due last week of March]



(iStudy) Laboratories of Democracy: Progressives in Government 

Reform governors from  New York to Wisconsin and the Federal Government attack corruption, corporate greed, poor living and working conditions, alcohol, and women’s suffrage in an attempt to  make governments more responsive to the needs of the people.


[Please note there is no assigned podcast for this section]


Task #5 Read Chapter #28 pages 661 - Generate notes or questions [Page #8]


Task #6 -  Progressiveness and the Wisconsin Idea - read and generate notes [Pages #9-11]



The following assignment is designed to introduce content that will be covered in class on Monday  March 6th 



7.6  Theodore Roosevelt's Bully Pulpit 

During a tumultuous time when the nation was coming unseamed and reform was in the air, Theodore Roosevelt pushes the government to shed its laissez-faire attitude toward robber barons, corrupt politicians, and corporate exploiters of our natural resources.


Task # 7 Read Chapter #28 pages 665-674 - Generate notes or questions [Page #21]


Task #8Listen to Theodore Roosevelt's' Bully Pulpit and generate notes (7:44)  [Page #21]


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