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Guided Reading on the Middle Colonies

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Settling the Northern Colonies


Big Picture Themes: The Middle Colonies emerged as the literal crossroads of the north and south. They held the stereotypical qualities of both regions: agricultural and industrial. And they were unique in that (a) New York was born of Dutch heritage rather than English, and (b) Pennsylvania thrived more than any other colony due to its freedoms and tolerance 



Task #8 - Guided Reading:  Please read Chapter #3: Settling the Northern Colonies (pages 43 – 65) and answer the following questions


Penn's Holy Experiment in Pennsylvania
 1.  What had William Penn and other Quakers experienced that would make them want a colony in America?



Quaker Pennsylvania and Its Neighbors
2. Why was Pennsylvania attractive to so many Europeans and Native Americans?




The Middle Way in the Middle Colonies
3.What do the authors mean when the say that the middle colonies were the most American?




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