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Aftermath of the Revolution

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Task #1 - Please read Chapter #9: The Confederation and the Constitution (pp. 166-176 ) and answer the questions below.


REQUIRED READING:  Chapter #9: The Confederation and the Constitution (pp. 166-176 ) 

CLASS NOTES: Aftermath of the Revolution - The Critical Period, 1783 -1789 


Economic Crosscurrents

 1. What were some noteworthy economic issues America faced in the aftermath of the Revolution? 


A Shaky Start toward Union

 2. Why was the end of the war difficult on the national government? 


The Horrid Specter of Anarchy

Were the United States of America in danger of falling apart under the Articles of Confederation?  Explain.



Task #2 Please provided specific factual information in response to the prompt below. 


REQUIRED READING:  Chapter #9: The Confederation and the Constitution (pp. 176-177) 

CLASS NOTES:  Aftermath of the Revolution - The Critical Period [1783 -1789];  The Horrid Specter of Anarchy


VIDEO LINK: http://www.history.com/news/how-shays-rebellion-changed-america


The purpose of a thesis is to clearly lead the reader through your essay. A solid thesis will clearly make a claim or argument and provide organized/categorized evidence to forecast what the essay will be about 


Support – Give reasons for the validity or correctness of a statement or position. 


Refute - Give  a reason for the falsehood or inappropriateness of a statement or position; emphasis here is on the negative. 



Prompt: "Shays’ revealed the weakness of the Articles of Confederation and influenced calling of the Constitutional Convention" 




(validity or correctness of statement) 


(falsehood or inappropriateness of a statement) 
































The Horrid Specter of Anarchy


The Horrid Specter of Anarchy

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