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Local History

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Local History Archives
Exploring the Rich History of NY's Capital Region 


Troy 1813 R.P.I and the Ferris Wheel

Ballston Spa 1832   Innovation in Knitting Industry led by Ballston Spa Man 

Ballston Spa 1849  Ballston Spa's law school attracted luminaries 

Troy 1860   The Rescue of Charles Nalle - Local reactions to the Fugitive Slave Law

Ballston 1861 The Journal was for Lincoln and against Slavery

Malta 1861 (via Washington DC)  First casualty in the Civil War was a man named Elmer Ellsworth who was born in the town in 1837

Albany 1861  Scholar reveals Lincoln's link to Albany

Troy 1863 Transcontinental Railroad Visionary, RPI graduate

Albany 1865 (via Washington DC) A Tragedy's Second Act 

Schenectady 1865  (via Washington DC) The Civil War Diary of Major Charles Frederick Lewis

Troy 1870  Catching Up With "Old Slow Trot"

Ballston 1876 (via Little Big Horn) The most famous battle ever fought on American soil, west of the Mississippi River.

Watervliet 1824 to 1883  Why Stanford isn't in Albany

Capital District 1900  Capital Region cities large and small were thriving on the industries that defined them

Ballston 1901  History Lesson: A president's, uh, future president's visits to Ballston


Troy 1924


Coeymans 1925


Albany 1928  Prohibition man falls in a hail of bullets


Capital District, 1933 Lasting impression  Franklin Roosevelt's enduring legacy.


Albany 1957 (via Little Rock) Witness to Civil Rights History 


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