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The Hunting for Subversives Cold  War Comes Home

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Hunting for Subversives - The Cold  War Comes Home 

The American decision to resist the Communist North Korean invasion of South Korea in 1950 intensives  anti-Communist fears inside America,
and it gave a demagogue, Senator Joseph McCarthy, the opportunity to exploit public fears, some of which were irrational.



One Nation under God 




Loyalty Review Board  (1947)


 The Pollster Defeat 1948; Truman outlines "Fair Deal  (1949)


HUAC  (The House Committee to Investigate Un-American activities)


The Spy Trials:  Alger Hiss(1948)  & The Rosenbergs (1951)


Sedition and Conviction  Dennis v. United States (1951)


The Red Scare Redux - The McCarthy Era


 McCarran Internal Securities Act and the McCarran Immigration and Nationality Act (1952)



1920s vs 1950s


The American people in the 1950s


















David Halberstrams - The Fifties












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