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Compromises 1787

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A Brilliant Solution - Compromises at the Constitutional Convention [1787]

A series of compromises form a Constitution for a new  national 
government, while providing limits on federal power.





THE GREAT COMPROMISE Bi Cameral (two houses) 

DISPUTE: Populous states favored representation based on population while less populated states favored an equal number of representatives from each state.


TERMS OF COMPROMISE: Both large and small states were accommodated by a Congress made up of two houses.  Population would be the basis for representation in the House of Representatives.  In the Senate, all states would have equal representation, with two Senators representing each state.



DISPUTE: Southern states felt that slaves should be counted when determining representation for each state.  Northern states argued that only free persons should be counted when determining representation.


TERMS OF COMPROMISE: Population counts for the purpose of representation would include all free persons and allow slaves to be counted as well.  Every five slaves would be counted as three free people.


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