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Call of Duty (1899–1921) - Theodore Roosevelt, Taft, Wilson

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Episode 5: Call of Duty (1899–1921) - Theodore Roosevelt, Taft, Wilson


America at the beginning of the 20th century found a growing chasm between rich and  poor. But one president took back the reins, fighting for the common man. Enormous international conflict emerged, testing America’s strength and the resolve of the nation’s highest leaders.




Why did the Progressive movement happen in the 1890’s?

Early reform attempts had failed…Populists were dominated by a single monetary issue bimetalism. State government railroad reforms were shot down by Supreme Court (remember Munn and Wabash cases?)


#1 Wave of corporate mergers between 1897 and 1901 refocuses the US on the problem of consolidated power (Horizontal and Vertical Immigration)  Over4,2000 companies are consolidated into 250 corpotationsample- US STEEL –1901  Standard Oil Monopoly  


#2 More and more Americans were going to college. This leads to an expanded middle class and professions in social work, psychology, and individual participation – avenues?. The national literacy rates had been steadily increasing and was at 92% for both men and women by 1910

#3 Print Media - 
accelerated development of technology that accompanied America's industrialization made newspapers and literature mass-producible items, and the consumer culture that accompanied such industrialization created a demanding market for published works.so the number of people that were reachable through writing was very high.


#4 Power of the Muckrakers – Keeping the evils of industrialization in the forefront of the American conscience. Editors and publishers were eager to provide support for muckrakers' efforts as a way to boost circulation numbers and profits. Thus, the genre that emerged was a combination of investigation, advocacy, sensationalism, and yellow journalism  - http://youtu.be/hVNE0gc2MyY   Contemporary Connections: New Jack and Sicko


#5  Religious Dimensions – “Social Gospel” Religious communities were encouraging people of faith  to intervene without chastising the downtrodden. 






The Muckrakers






1882  - Elected to theNew York State Assembly from the Manhattan 21st district

1884 - Moves to the Badlands in South Dakota

1894 -  Serves as NYC Police Commissioner

1897 - Assistant Secretary of the Navy

1898 - Forms the Rough Riders and fights in Spanish American War

1899   Elected reform Governor of NY

1901 - McKinley assassination and TR continues McKinley’s policy

1904 - Elected to a 4 year Presidential term -announces he will not run for President again 

1908  Goes to Africa to hunt game and go on several tour stops
1912 - Organizes the Bull Moose Party  



7.7  Theodore Roosevelt's Bully Pulpit 

During a tumultuous time when the nation was coming unseamed and reform was in the airTheodore Roosevelt pushes the government to
shed its laissez-faire attitude toward robber barons, corrupt politicians, and corporate exploiters of our natural resources.






























 William Howard Taft: The Travails of a Progressive Conservative

The only man to serve as president and chief justice, who approached every decision in constitutional terms, 
defending the Founders’ vision against new populist threats to American democracy



A Review of 1 Term Presidents




In 1904 TR vows not to run for re-election after his second term. He hand picks his successor William Howard Taft who wins easily in 1908.“Some people felt that TAFT stood for Takes Advice From Teddy



1892-1900 - US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit

1901-1903 -  Governor-General of the Philippines


1904-1908  - Secretary of War


1906 - Provisional Governor of Cuba


1909-1913 - President of the United States


1921-1930 Chief Justice of the United States




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