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failure to assimilated

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Viewpoints on Cultural Ties


Many people held opinions on how immigrants could best adjust to their new lives in America.  Some thought they should give up their own language and customs as quickly as possible; other thought they should hold onto to their heritage. Do you think that immigrant children or their parents had an easier time adjusting to life in America? WHY



On Breaking Cultural Ties:

“We wanted to be Americans so quickly that we were embarrassed if our parents couldn’t speak English. My father was reading a Polish paper and some of my friends were supposed to come to my house. I remember sticking the paper under something. We were ashamed of being foreign”


Louise Nagy, Polish immigrant, 1913


On Preserving Cultural Ties:

“ We ate the same dishes, spoke the same language, told the same stories, indulged in the same pleasures [as in Syria]…To me the colony [neighborhood] was a habitat so much like the one I left in Syria, that its home atmosphere enabled me to maintain a firm hold on life in the face of those many difficulties which I confronted.”


Abraham Mitrie Rihbany, A Far Journey, 1913 




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