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The Homefront During World War I

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Time Period #7 Module B pages #6 and #7 




  A Call to Arms: Mobilizing America for World War I

The colossal mobilization effort required to  build and equip a military that was all but nonexistent before the war leads to an unprecedented scale of mobilization to create, outfit, transport, and supply huge armies, navies, and air forces on so many distant and disparate fronts.






Selective Service Act [Planning for the war]


Mobilization|African Americans “Harlem Hell Fighters”|Women|Native Americans


Financing the War [Sale of Liberty Bonds


George Creel [Committee on Public Information] and Herbert Hoover [Food Administration]


Bernard Baruch [War Industries]|Promote efficiency and eliminate waste


HW Reading:  Homefront Mobilization;  Enhanced SAQ






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