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The Betrayal of Grand Expectations - Treaty of Versailles

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Procedural Announcements

March 24th 2020

8:30 am


FYI: I had some submissions for the Wartime Civil Liberties prompt that fell a bit short. If the assignment is graded take a look at my comments in Schoology and take a moment to strengthen your defense. Keep in mind the prompt covers 1796 to 1925 and a strong defense will have more than one example as evidence. Keep in mind proper nouns always help.  This isn't essay, rather a tight, well written paragraph.


If you assignment isn't graded yet, look over your submission and see it it meets the above criteria. If not, edited and resubmit.  



Read and generate notes on pages Time Period #7 Module B pages  #13 and #14



The Betrayal of Great Expectations [1919]

Questioning the wisdom of participation in a war that had caused many American deaths combined with stories of Allied greed
and desire for revenge disillusioned many who thought that the war had been fought to “make the world safe for democracy”


The Treaty of Versailles: Military Restrictions|Territorial loses|War Guilt Clause|League of Nations


Senator Henry Cabot Lodge [Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee]


Internationalist [The 48 Senators that support Wilson and the Treaty]


Reservationists [The 32 Senators that could support the Treaty, but had reservations]


Irreconcilables [The 16 Senators that would never support the Treaty] Borah and Johnson


HW: Reading The Treaty of Versailles – Senate Debate and Defeat


DBQ Elements Quiz on World War I  (due Friday at 11:59)







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