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Procedural Announcements

March 30th 2020

12:10 am


Please check your school email regularly. Per my email on 3/27/2020, no new assignments will be posted today. However, I will be posting the make-up for last week's timed SAQ tonight at 7:00 pm. You will have a 15 minute window to complete the SAQ. I will be emailing you individually if you need to make up this quiz from last week. 


Starting this week, I am moving the due date for all posted assignments to Sunday at 11:59 pm. This move is to incorporate more time for any assignments posted on Thursday or Friday. 


My next podcast will be posted Wednesday. There will be some omit opportunities available if you listen to this episode. I am interviewing a former student, Michael Tash, who wrote an original song for my US History class at Hoosic Valley HS in 1998.



Once again, this unprecedented turn of events allows both students and teachers to find news ways to take ownership of the creation and consumption of course material. That is not only for our course, but all the courses you are currently taking. Be diligent and disciplined in your approach and feel free to contact me at anytime with questions or concerns.


Stay Safe, 

Mr. H













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