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April 29 2020

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April 29 2020

7:00 am


Please Note: There continues to be some confusion about assignments as zeroes start to pile up in the grade book. Several teachers may now be using Schoology as there primary landing page to deliver assignments and announcements. My primary page for delivering assignments and announcements in our class web page - just like it has been since September.  Schoology and Google Drive are only used to upload or share the final product for evaluation. ALWAYS make our class web page your first stop!


Moving forward, I will also post the assignment (which is not due until Sunday) in my grade book.  If you don't recognize the assignment, reread the paragraph above.



Class Notes: Please complete the notes on page #5 and #6 Pearl Harbor 1941 and Homefront Mobilization You are encouraged to view embedded videos and any active links to fully explore the content. 



Google Forms:  After listening to David Kennedy's remarks on international reactions to the attack on Pearl Harbor, what did you find most surprising about these different perspectives about the same event?  Share your thoughts HERE




Mrs. Sisk will be offering online exam training for students taking AP Exams. I will post details once they are finalized.



The Week of May 4th we will begin review for the AP National Exam and the CHS Quarterly Exam scheduled for May 15th.More details to follow. 


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