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May 20 2020

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May 20th 2020

8:30 am



Guided Viewing: Please view the Atomic Cafe  and complete the  reflection questions in Google Docs.This film combines authentic newsreels, military training films, advertisements & other footage from the Cold War era, juxtaposed with speeches, radio broadcasts and actual music produced during that era, some of which was fairly controversial.  Keep in mind that this film was made to convey a specific political and social message.  Some of the events are portrayed in such a way as to make the people of the 1950s seem foolish—we can learn from this film, but we must remember that these events are taken out of context and exaggerated.



Please select your individual topic for focused study 1945 to 1985. The final leg of our study of United States History will 

cover years following World War II up to the election of Ronald Reagan.


Focused Study 1945 to 1985 Resource Links 


PDF Printable Summary Narrative and Timeline 1945 to 1985  (posted in Schoology)










Google Meet #1      Topics #1-5            Tuesday, May 26th 4:00 pm


Google Meet #2      Topics #6-10          Thursday, May 28th 4:00 pm   





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