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May 27 2020

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May 27th 2020

12:05 am



We had our first Google Meet last night and the technical glitch that compromised the audio version wasn't even the low point of a painfully slow conversation about one of the most exciting time periods in American History. It is difficult to recreate an organic conversation in what is the equivalent of a 1996 AOL chat room. Many students contributed accurate responses to my questions, but the exchange was limited by the platform.  In an attempt to keep my sanity and finish the year on a positive note, I am changing the format for the final three weeks. 


You WILL NOT be required to attend any live Google Meets. I have assembled a team of co-hosts to cover the content from 1945 to 1985. We will provide the conversation on the content.  I don't want to end the course by forcing students into a conversation they don't want to have in an online environment they are not comfortable in. That is zero fun for everyone and no way to wrap up the school year. 



What has NOT changed


TOPIC SUMMARIES: Submit the summary of your select topic from the 1945 to 1985 Google Sheet. This exercise will be worth 25 points. 


Here are the updated due dates for the topic summaries. As always, early submissions are appreciated.


Topics #1-5            Tuesday, May 26th 4:00 pm        

Topics #6-10          Sunday, May 31st 11:59 pm        

Topics #11-15        Sunday, June 7th 11:59 pm          

Topics #16-#20      Sunday, June 7th 11:59 pm   



GOOGLE FORMS  Listen to audio versions of our Co-hosted Google Meets. The posted audio will serve as content summaries for the years 1945 to 1985 and help prepare you for the final exam. After listening to the posted audio, complete the Google Form activity directly related to the content discussed. This exercise will be worth 15 points. 


CASTLE LEARNING Complete the Castle Learning Test each week on the content covered.  Each on line test is requiredIf you do not complete the online test a zero will be entered in the grade book. 40-60 points


FINAL EXAM: Complete the Three timed SAQ questions on Monday June 8th as part of our course final exam. The exam  will go live in Schoology at 12:00. Prep and plan accordingly. 45 points (weighted as 15% of your grade)



Omit Opportunities


I had the pleasure of interviewing Robert Meeropol a couple of weeks ago for my podcast.  If you are interested in earning some omits to boost your grade, follow the format we have used all year and submit a summary.







For 2 omits

Provide a 50-75 word summary of the podcast

Provide 3-5 facts or anecdotes drawn from content






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