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June 2 2020

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June 2 2020 

10:19 am



Google Meet #2  June 2, 2020
1960s Civil Rights to The Election of Jimmy Carter



Complete Google Form Evaluation of audio content for Google Meet #2


Complete Online Test #2 1957 to 1980 


Omit Opportunity: Picture This - Birmingham, 1963 (In production)


Omit Opportunity - The Draft Lottery  ( 1 Omit)




Google Meet #1  - May 29, 2020
Cold War Comes Home to the Crisis at Little Rock



Complete Google Form Evaluation of audio content from Google Meet #1


Complete Online Test #1 1945 to 1957 (30 points)


Omit Opportunity BecomingRobert Meeropol  (41:43)


Omit Opportunity: Picture This - Little Rock 1957 (6/2/2020 4:00 pm)


elizabeth eckford, little rock nine, little rock central high







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