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Lend Lease

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April 1941 and increase U.S. involvement in the European war.  Considered one of most momentous laws ever passed by Congress.  The Act stated authorized President to sell, lend ,lease, transfer or exchange military supplies to any nation he deemed "vital to  the defense of the US."


British rapidly exhausting their cash reserves with which to buy U.S. goods so we needed to get past “cash and carry”


FDR: Garden Hose Speech - "Loan a neighbor your hose to save his house from fire; worry about the hose later."


Problems:  Isolationists and anti-Roosevelt Republicans saw it as "the blank check bill."   Some saw it as getting the U.S. even closer to involvement in the war.


Results:   Effectively ended U.S. neutrality; some considered it an economic declaration of war   U.S. war production immediately increased – we will truly begin to come out of the depression; Hitler began sinking U.S. ships on a limited scale with German subs; Until then, Germany avoided sinking U.S. ships – didn’t want the US in the war ala WW I ; Convoy system between U.S., Britain and Canada



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