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The Civil War is over

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A Bit of History: The Contraband; The Recruit; The Veteran (1865–66) depicts the narrative of a fictional emancipated
slave who enrolls in the Union Army and loses his leg. It commemorates the transition of the African American from slavery to freedom





The Civil War is over...now what?



The answers to these questions will be influenced by who controls the process…

Who is in charge? The President – is it an executive process? Is Congress in charge – is it a legislative process? Which wing of the Republican Party would lead reconstruction – the moderates or the radicals? All of these things are uncertain in the weeks and months after the Civil War 






The Civil War is over…Now what?   Questions to consider


#1 How to bring the Confederate states back into the union and how will the freedman be treated in the wake of Emancipation? (In emancipation there was a window of opportunity, during Reconstruction we see this window close)


#2 How drastic will the changes be in southern society?


#3 How will the South be told to change?


#4 Will recently freed African Americans achieve social and political equality? They are free, but what are the beyond free?


#5 What would the southern states have to give up?


#6 What would they have to promise in order to be restored to full political rights?


#7 What will be the Role of the federal government? It had expanded during the Civil War. What will its role continue to be?


#8 What is the consequence of competing ideas: Free slaves, republicans, democrats the battles play out in President vs. Congress (the first impeachment)

#9 What will be the relationship between the North and South? (This has a lot to do with how Reconstruction unfolds)



Reconstruction Plans


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