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Cold War Heats Up

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 Containment - The blocking of another nation’s attempts to spread its influence especially the efforts of the U.S. to block the spread of Soviet influence starting in the late 1940s,


The Domino Theory- The idea that if a nation falls under Communist control, nearby nations will also fall under Communist control.

Massive Retaliation - Policies of both the U.S. & the Soviet Union to build up enough nuclear weapons in order to show that it could still destroy the other side, even if attacked first

Brinkmanship - The practice of threatening an enemy with massive retaliation for any aggression.







Southeast Asia (Vietnam)  


Space Race Sputnik (1957)  


Eisenhower Doctrine (1957


Cuba (1959 -1961)  


The U-2 incident (1960)


Eisenhower’s "Farewell Address" (1961)   



Nationalists Movements Review





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