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First Continental Congress

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First Continental Congress (1774)

The First Continental Congress was a convention of delegates from twelve British North American colonies that met on September 5, 1774, at Carpenters' Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, early in the American Revolution. It was called in response to the passage of the Coercive Acts (also known as Intolerable Acts by the Colonial Americans) by the British Parliament. The Intolerable Acts had punished Boston for the Boston Tea Party.


Radical delegates favored active resistance while moderates argued for conciliation.


Declaration of Rights and Grievances condemned Coercive Acts, denied Parliament's right to tax colonies, but promised obedience to the king  



Set up Continental Association to prohibit importation of English goods and later the export of American goods to England.


"In America chickens squawked and tar kettles bubbled as violators of
The Association were tarred and feathered." page 134  






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