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Spring Break Assignment

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 The Cold War Begins, 1945-1952

Chapter 37 making modern america.pdf


LINK: Origins of the Cold War


1.  Analyze the reasons for the development of tensions between the Soviet Union and the United States



2.  Analyze the degree of success the policy of containment achieved between 1945 and 1953


3. Analyze the reasons for and the results of the second Red Scare



4.  Compare and contrast the response of the American people to the end of World War II to the American people’s to the of World War I



5. To what degree and in what ways did post World War II foreign policy represent a fundamental change from previous foreign policy?



The Eisenhower Era, 1952-1960

Chapter 38 the eisenhower era.pdf


LINK:  The Eisenhower Years


1. Analyze the reasons for the growth of the civil rights movement during the 1950’s and the degree of success it achieved


2. Evaluate the reasons for and the success of American foreign policy during the 1950’s



3. Analyze how mass media influenced the perception of gender roles during the 1950’s


Chapter #38   The Stormy Sixties, 1960-1968
Chapter 39 the stormy sixties.pdf  





1. Analyze the political, social and economic impact of the Vietnam war on American society. 

LINK:  American Involvement in Vietnam



2. Analyze the impact of growing militancy in the civil rights movement 

LINKThe Stormy Sixties - Part IThe Stormy Sixties - Part II
















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